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The school understands and believes in strengthening and sustaining the participation of all students, teachers and parents in the work of the school. We also believe and practice in the inclusion of students of all backgrounds irrespective of their challenges to learn and grow side by side in a common learning environment. The school ensures access to quality education for all students by effectively meeting their diverse needs in a way that is responsive, accepting, respectful and supportive. Students participate in the education program in a common learning environment with support to diminish and remove barriers and obstacles that may lead to exclusion.
The school provides appropriate and timely training programmes for teachers to help them in understanding in accommodating children with disabilities in regular class rooms.
As per the CBSE guidelines the school has also refurbished the school infrastructure with a Resource Room to cater to the needs of children with special abilities/ difficulties in learning.

  • In the Resource room there are accessible learning materials for students with disability or difficulty in learning.
  • There are easy learning/ modified learning materials for all subjects.
  • The resource room is also used to support the social needs of the students.
  • The resource room serves as a more serene place where the student can go over the material at a slower pace.
  • The special educator uses the Resource room to bridge the learning gaps of such students and to help students access the educational materials in a manner that better suits their learning styles and capabilities.
  • The Resource room is also used to design all instruction to meet the specific needs of the students they serve to maximize their learning potential. Thus, children With Special Needs (CWSN) are also made to sit in separate rooms during examination with an invigilator assisting them. Extra time (1/2 an hour) is given to each student for completion of examination. The invigilator also serves the purpose of helping the students with Scribe method.


  • Annual Health Check-Ups
  • Eye-screening tests are conducted and parents intimated.
  • School has appointed a counsellor to address the psychological needs of the students.
  • We also have a full- time nurse with a fully equipped infirmary or sick room.

Our Address

Army Public School Shillong
HQ 101 Area
Labasee line,
PO -Umlyngka, Shillong Meghalaya - 793005