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Welcome to Army Public School Shillong

The Army Public School Shillong was established on 22 March 1983 as Army School Shillong. The school was built with the purpose of bringing about the overall development of the students by promoting academic excellence, discipline, character, values and by fostering a spirit of national integration among children, especially those of Army personnel.

Principal's Message

I have been associated with this school for the last 25 years first as an Educator and now as a Leader; and I strongly feel that our children in school need an environment which is conducive to their holistic development, in which they do not fear but approach each situation with confidence, think critically, act responsibly and create effectively. Our role as school leader and Educators is to create this environment for our children to grow....
We also believe in developing in our children, 21st Century skills that will help them to face the challenges of the fast-changing, interconnected and globalised world. In particular the school focuses on nurturing our children to become effective communicators, savvy users of information technology and critical thinkers who are creative problem-solvers; adaptable to the changing world. Moreover, greater emphasis on developing good communication skill in English is also given since majority of our children hail from non-English speaking background Based on a sound value system, we at school would always endeavour to make children into adaptable, sensitive and positive human beings, who can face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
The vision of AWES - ‘Quality Education at Affordable Cost’; and I am sure that the excellent staff members that the school has, who have already built a name for the school, will continue to improve the level of interaction with children and further, raise the standard of education imparted at school. We must not forget that excellence is our goal, character is our mission, and respect for others is our vision. This is the road map that I have. But a map is not the destination. We all must work together complementing and supplementing each other, paving a road to brave new horizon. In the process let us all hold hands and take an oath of putting our efforts together in building rock solid bridges to a better world.

With warm regards
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( Rajeevan P )


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